For booking or other inquiries please contact Christian Schinelli:

cell: 619.405.1708


The Price Of Dope was:
Christian Schinelli - Bass
Jeff Kelley - Drums
Former Members:
Andy Holmes – Guitar
Ben Moore - Keys
Cochemea Gastelum - Sax
David Carano - Guitar
Gianni Staiano - Rhodes
Harold Todd - Flute, Sax
James Cummings - Organ
Jason Whitmore - Sax
Ryan Matzinger - Sax
Skip Howlett RIP- Percussion
Todd Davidson - Keys


Noteable Guest Players:
Andy Geib - Trombone
Brian Jordan - Guitar
Chad Farran - Flute
Chris Stillwell – Bass
Chuck Prada - Percussion
DJ Circa
DJ Gabe
DJ Greyboy
DJ Ratty
Irwin - Percussion
Ivory - Percussion
Joey Bowen -Vocals
Joey Carano - Guitar
Robert Walter - Rhodes
Steve Haney - Percussion